Dr. Tom Rohrer

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Let today be the day that you reach out and take your first step towards the life that you want. Whether you want to:

  • Resolve the issues that cause you pain and unhappiness!
  • Connect with your inner resources that will support and motivate you!
  • Learn to consistently function at your best or even in your "zone"!

It's Time!

Today psychotherapists have many effective resources. Today some use the Brainspotting approach!

Your journey does not need to be as scary or difficult as you might think. Let go of your fears and negative beliefs about:

  • How bad your problems are!
  • Being judged, except by yourself (which you can change)!
  • How hard it will be or how long it will take!


  • Your length of time in therapy can be significantly shorter!
  • You don’t have to reveal what you don’t choose to!
  • All you need to change is what you want to change!

Allow and embrace the opportunity to improve your life quicker and easier than you ever thought possible!

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So how do you take that first step?

I take this question seriously and I want to make it easy. It’s one of the reasons I offer a FREE phone consultation.

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My approach is "holistic": behavioral, brain and heart-based, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, social, etc., based on your needs and wants. Your work is done cooperatively, together. Your results will come if you engage and allow them to.

I have worked extensively with the common issues that affect many people:

  • Addictions: drugs and alcohol, including food and tobacco, behavioral addictions: co-dependency, competition, control, fame, gambling, hoarding, love/relationship, money, power, sex, spending, stimulation, work, etc.
  • Anxiety, panic
  • Depression, sadness
  • Loss, painful experiences, trauma
  • Life Transitioning
  • Performance: creativity, creative arts, employment, testing, and specializing in sports
  • Relationship, marriage
  • Sexuality
  • Spirituality

My goal is to help you uncover your true potential and the issues that block it, allowing you to lead a life worth celebrating. When you feel encouraged and cared about you will more easily release your pain and suffering, improve your ability to be effective and achieve your goals. Though you cannot change the past, you can understand it and reduce the intensity and negative impact. Using a holistic approach and techniques, we will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

For many decades I have helped my clients to improve their lives and their ability to perform by:

  • Learning about their style and patterns
  • Looking directly at, processing, and dealing their issues
  • Using their personal strengths
  • Developing their emotional skills
  • Improving their ability to problem solve and deal with stress triggers
  • Using their challenges to grow and become more and better
  • Opening up to who they are and creating a full life

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