Dr. Tom Rohrer

About Dr. Tom Rohrer

Since 1972, it has been my privilege and purpose to help my clients to
deal with their issues, start evolving into who they truly are and
to manifest what they truly want.

Tom Rohrer, PhD, Life and Performance Coach, and Psychotherapist (MFC 20325) has been in private practice in Walnut Creek, California, since 1979, and has spent his career embracing his personal curiosity and learning how people become happier, healthier and more abundant. He has personally and professionally experienced how the individual is their main obstacle.

On a personal note, I am a Viet Nam Veteran, clean and sober since 1985. I have grown from many hundreds of hours of individual and group therapy. I attempt to walk my talk. I am married and live in Lafayette, CA.

Addiction Treatment

The main focus of my professional career has been addiction treatment, specifically alcohol and drug addiction treatment. I have also worked with a range of addictions, such as food, gambling, sex, and smoking.

All addictions may look different on the surface, but they involve a similar brain addiction. The brain neurotransmitter Dopamine gets spiked when an abusing or addicted person is “triggered” to use, gets stressed, or uses. This is true whether the addiction is to alcohol, drugs, gambling, or acting out sexually. It’s likely that future research will show other addictions also have this Dopamine connection. After a few months of recovery from any addiction, the journey of recovery is pretty much the same for all addictions.

The evidence of my thorough understanding of the process of recovering from addictions is my comprehensive book, Thriving Beyond Addiction: A Complete User-Friendly Guide.

Sports Performance

The second focus of my career which started in 1983, has been human motivation, performance, and success, especially in sports. I have developed and offered programs, work with many individuals and a few teams.

Some highlights of my training includes, a certificate in Sports Psychology, a certificate in Authentic Happiness Coaching (Positive Psychology), a certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, advanced training in Structural Thinking, and extensive training in Brainspotting, with special interest in in sports performance.

Background and Education

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