About Dr. Tom Rohrer


I understand because…

I understand because I have had personal and professional experiences that have helped me gain empathy, perspective, and wisdom. I have been challenged to grow, develop, and learn to perform at a high level. Through these experiences, I have:

  • Coped with medical, mental-emotional, and physical issues
  • Made bad decisions and good decisions
  • Failed and succeeded
  • Experienced traumas and blessings
  • Embraced self-awareness, my inner strengths, and spiritual truths

Human Performance

Personally: Dr. Rohrer ended his most loved sport, basketball, in high school, due to the humiliation of double-dribbling multiple times during many games. He didn’t know why he would get so anxious and did not know what to do. Years later, he learned about and came to understand that he had a repetitive performance problem, also known as the “the yips.”

Professionally: Today, Dr. Rohrer’s primary focus is human performance. Starting in 1983, he focused on human motivation, performance, and success. In 2002, he received a certificate in Sports Psychology, and since then, his focus has become sports performance. For example, he helps athletes eliminate their blocks, including those that cause “the yips,” connect with their mental-emotional strengths and learn to perform in the Play Zone. He extensively uses the approaches of Brainspotting and Polyvagal Theory. He is currently working on a book about human performance, due out in 2023.

Positive Recovery From Addictions

Personally: Dr, Rohrer coped with several traumas and other personal issues by abusing alcohol and drugs for 20 years. He has been in continual recovery since 1985, using traditional addiction recovery approaches and other resources like Positive Psychology, meditation, and spiritual beliefs and practices.

Professionally: Throughout his professional career, Dr. Rohrer has worked with both substance and behavioral addictions, in many different addiction treatment settings. He introduces spiritually-based recovery as desired. His professional knowledge and experience about recovery and his personal recovery are most valuable to his clients. The evidence of his thorough understanding of recovering from addictions is his comprehensive book, Thriving Beyond Addiction: A Complete User-Friendly Guide.

Relationship Success

Personally: Dr. Rohrer was married when he was 21 and divorced at 22 years old. He remarried at 42 years old and spent ten years keeping a lousy marriage together. Finally, he met a lovely woman who was a match and capable of being a healthy partner. They are committed to their marriage and each other, respect each other, and engage in the messiness of a quality relationship.

Professionally: The third focus of Dr. Rohrer’s career is helping couples, married or not, build happier and healthier relationships. He believes in the value of a quality partnership, and it is the partnership that is the client, not the individuals. His focus is on solutions, using structural, evidence-based approaches, both partners’ personal strengths and their values to build a mutually desirable future. Dr. Rohrer supports couples who want to use spiritual principles. If there are deeper unresolved issues or traumas, he primarily uses the Brainspotting approach. He often uses the Gottman Institute resources.


Tom Rohrer, Ph.D., L.M.F.T. (CA: MFC 20325, CO: MFT0001929) is a Psychotherapist and Mental Performance Consultant. He has been in private practice since 1985, in Walnut Creek, California, and since April 2021 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In addition, he has personally and professionally experienced how the individual will benefit from solution-focused talk therapy, Brainspotting, a therapeutic approach with minimal sharing, and Polyvagal Theory, a body-based practice focusing on relaxation and feeling safe, as well as other methods.

Dr. Rohrer may use resources that he has trained in. These include a certificate in Authentic Happiness Coaching (Positive Psychology), certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, advanced training in Structural Thinking, certification training in The Play Zone (Polyvagal Theory) and extensive training and certification in Brainspotting, with a special interest in sports performance and the creative arts.