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About Dr. Tom Rohrer

Tom Rohrer, Ph.D., L.M.F.T. is a Psychotherapist and Mental Performance Consultant. Licensed in 1985, he practices in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dr. Rohrer earned a certificate in Sports Psychology in 2002. He is highly trained in Brainspotting and other therapeutic approaches. He has spent his career embracing his curiosity and learning how people become happier, healthier, and able to perform at the highest level.

Appointments Available

In-Person in Colorado Springs
via Video Conferencing

Sports Performance via
Mental Performance Consulting

  • Resolve Your Blocks
  • Connect With Your Inner Strengths
  • Play in the Zone

Life Performance via
Positive Psychotherapy

  • Heal & Open-up to Love & Spirit
  • Grow, Develop & Flourish
  • Increase Health & Happiness

We can quickly Resolve Your Performance Problems!

In the News

The Brainspotting Performance Center Has a Solution for the Yips

Real Help for Golfers Struggling With Their Mental Game

The great Jack Nicklaus said many times, “the game of golf is 90% mental and 10% physical.” The mental aspects of golf are increased because of the slow pace of the game…
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Is this your worst nightmare?

Weird and terrifying, yet amusing!

Brainspotting graphic


A Cutting-edge, Brain-based Approach for Eliminating Mental Blocks & Improving Athletic Performance

The solutions to your performance problems lie inside of you, in your unconscious mind. Brainspotting works by your allowing you to naturally connect with and evolve your experience. It also:

  • Removes mental-emotional blocks, including:
    • Reduces the intensity of past painful experiences
    • Controls the “Yips,” which is the severe loss of normal motor skills
  • Connect with and use your mental resources such as:
    • Calmness
    • Courage
    • Optimism
  • Expand your ability to perform in "The Zone."

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Creating The Future That You Want

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As You Level-Up, Make Sure Not to Level-Out

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Sports Injuries Extend Beyond Physical Trauma

Sports Injuries Extend Beyond Physical Trauma

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