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About Dr. Tom Rohrer

Tom Rohrer, Ph.D., L.M.F.T. is a Mental Performance Consultant and Psychotherapist, licensed in 1985, he practices in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dr. Rohrer earned a certificate in Sports Psychology in 2002. He is certified and highly trained in Brainspotting and other therapeutic approaches.

As an athlete, he suffered from anxiety, insecurity, and even the yips in his teens. These issues severely undermined his performance as an athlete and drove his professional career toward helping athletes and other performers.


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Sports Performance via
Mental Performance Consulting

  • Resolve Your Blocks
  • Connect With Your Inner Strengths
  • Play in the Zone

Life Performance via
Positive Psychotherapy

  • Heal & Open-up to Love & Spirit
  • Grow, Develop & Flourish
  • Increase Health & Happiness

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The “Ready, Mindset, Go”
Game Day Approach

A Program for High-Performing Athletes

It’s Game Day, and as you get closer to the start of your event, the pressure builds! Your mind is less clear, and your body sensations are more noticeable. You know your mindset will significantly affect your ability to perform your best. You remember past experiences of underperforming.

You attempt to relax, stretch, and think positively, but it feels shallow and unreal. You struggle to stay positive and focused on your upcoming performance. You become over-amped, wanting your event to start immediately or to run away.

Readiness Mindset

Yes, you can be fully prepared for a future Game Day, learning to perform as effectively – or more effectively – as you perform when you are practicing. You will learn to:

  • Manage your mindset and the pressure
  • Control your mental thoughts and feelings and your body sensations
  • Develop reminders, rituals, and routines to help you perform

You can learn this in private sessions or by participating in the…

“Ready, Mindset, Go” Game Day Program

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The Play Zone is a balance of safe activation, safe enough to cause you to want to play, activated sufficiently to have the energy to participate. It offers an understanding of your emotional-biological experience and a model for peak performance that you can use on-demand, with the assistance of specific strategies, resources, and relationships. You can learn to physically contain your sympathetic nervous system (fight-flight reflex) and your dorsal vagal system (freeze reflex) by activating your ventral vagal system (engaged and connected) and increasing feelings of safety. Safety to turn your sport into play, like when you first started. The Play Zone is vital for developing your peak performance on any stage.

Your Vagus Nerve significantly affects your bodily state, influencing your ability to perform when it matters. Awareness of your body’s reactions is possible. Managing your bodily state can keep you out of survival states (fight, flight, freeze) and optimize your resilience and performance.

Whether you are an athlete, coach, leader of an organization, or performer of any kind – being in the Play Zone will improve every aspect of your practice, preparation, performance, and adaptability on and off “the court,” including your overall health, relationships, and quality of life.

Every aspect of performance, from power to endurance, to mechanics, to execution; even problem solving, creativity, confidence and belief – is all built on top of your bodily state. So more than getting faster, fitter, and more skillful, we can train for peak performance by developing our capacity to manage our bodily state in any situation. When you recognize what zone you are in, you can ramp up, calm down, and stabilize in the optimal “Play Zone” through “controlling” your bodily state. This process is what it means to be in control of your emotions, your mind, your body, and ultimately your performance.

The Play Zone was developed by Michael Allison, with the help of Dr. Stephan Porges, who developed Polyvagal Theory.


Personalized Addiction Recovery Programs

Recovering from substance abuse or a behavioral addiction, including co-dependency, is challenging. It is about letting go of what used to work but doesn’t any longer. Recovery offers many rewards, including opportunities to flourish and become more than ever imagined.

By implementing a comprehensive and wholistic approach, my goal is to assist individuals who are suffering from their addiction. Successful recovery is based on a multifaceted approach. After an assessment, a personalized program is set up based on the client’s needs and goals. I use cutting-edge approaches to quicken the progress of the tried and true traditional methods.


Focus Training

Game Day Focusing With all the additional distractions, your ability to focus on Game Day is essential. As you develop as an athlete, your Game Day events will get bigger and involve more pressure and distractions. Your ability to focus will become mandatory.

Learning to Focus?

You can develop your ability to focus by practicing basic focusing exercises and then moving on to advanced approaches. You can develop the discipline to choose to stay focused rather than allowing yourself to be distracted. You can learn this whether you have focusing issues due to attention disorders such as ADHD or not.

Focusing starts with mindfulness or awareness; it develops as you build it. We all focus on something every waking moment. You can focus on:

  • Something specific or scan generally.
  • Zoning in or zoning out.
  • Your target or become distracted by:
    • Outside bells, whistles, issues, or who’s watching you in the bleachers.
    • Inner anxiety, fears, problems
    • Physiological symptoms of stress

Focus Training

Yes, you can learn to focus in private sessions or by participating in a...

Focus Training Program

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Brain & Body Performance Center

Eliminate Mental Blocks and Improve Physical Performance

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A Cutting-edge, Brain-based Approach for Eliminating Mental Blocks & Improving Athletic Performance

The solutions to your performance problems lie inside of you, in your unconscious mind. Brainspotting works by your allowing you to naturally connect with and evolve your experience. It also:

  • Removes mental-emotional blocks, including:
    • Reduces the intensity of past painful experiences
    • Controls the “Yips,” which is the severe loss of normal motor skills
  • Connect with and use your mental resources such as:
    • Calmness
    • Courage
    • Optimism
  • Expand your ability to perform in "The Zone."

The Brain & Body Performance Center has Solutions for Pervasive Performance Problems

Real Help for Golfers Struggling With Their Mental Game

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