Book Description

Thriving Beyond Addiction is the most unique, complete how-to guide about recovery. With encouragement and some humor, it offers you facts, resources, and wisdom about recovery in a unique, user-friendly style. Its larger type, in-line illustrations and text boxes, makes it comfortable to read. It will be valuable whether you skim it or study every section. You will benefit from this book if whether you are just starting your journey or are well down your path. Thriving Beyond Addiction is for the people who can admit that have a substance abuse or behavior addiction and are ready to do something about it. When you are ready to stop your negative behaviors, you’ll realize that recovery is not about what you are giving up; it’s about what you are gaining. This book will explain every aspect of how to do it and help you clarify what you want your recovery to be. There is an extra emphasis on drug addiction in this book, but it will be a useful guide for those recovering from any addiction because:

  • The process of addiction and recovery is similar for all addictions.
  • Most addicts deal with two or more addictions. Recovery from all of them is best done at the same time, because it demonstrates your total commitment to recovery. Thriving Beyond Addiction pairs the tried and true methods of addiction recovery with approach that take an outside of the box approach.

You will be introduced to three new concepts:

  • The Red Dot Reminder Check-In System for raising your awareness of your recovery and life in general, increasing your options and control over your life.
  • The concept of Recovering Intelligence, which addresses emotional intimacy, resiliency, social, spiritual, and interpersonal intelligences.
  • The clear and desirable image of Your Recovering Future, will remind you of what you want and will motivate you to do what it takes to achieve and live it.

The process of recovery will be stimulating. Your beliefs will affect whether your experience will feel scary, sad, and limited, or happy, joyous, and free. Thriving Beyond Addiction will help you to move through the recovery maze and onto better days. It will help inspire you to set yourself up to successfully thrive beyond your addiction and to create Your Recovering Future.