Creating The Future That You Want

By Tom Rohrer, PhD When we were young, we all had goals and dreams we wanted to achieve. Unfortunately, as we age, we often begin to lose sight of those dreams or put them on the back burner. Fortunately, with a Compelling Future approach, you can regain your life’s vision and be back on the […]

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As You Level-Up, Make Sure Not to Level-Out

By Tom Rohrer, PhD As you age and your skills improve as an athlete, you’ll progress through increasing levels of competition. Starting in social and learning leagues as a child, you pass through middle school and JV before reaching the varsity ranks in your late teens. That’s quite the accomplishment, but for the most serious […]

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Sports Injuries Extend Beyond Physical Trauma

By Tom Rohrer, PhD If you’re an athlete, you know that injuries are part of the game. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, all athletes experience an injury on occasion. And when that happens, finding the right medical team and physical therapists are essential to restoring your physical health and getting you back on the […]

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