Client Testimonials

“The work I did with Dr. Rohrer helped me make a shift that allowed me to fulfill my dreams of becoming a professional athlete.”
— Alex Glover, Hooker, Seattle Seawolves Rugby

“My work with Dr. Rohrer was eye-opening and took my game to another level! I was easier than I thought that it would be.”
— Tommy J., Senior Class High School Athlete, awarded a (partial) college scholarship

“In my work with Dr. Rohrer I was able to deal with my fears and quickly reduce the intensity. I actually feel much more comfortable in tournament fighting.”
— Joe R., Black Belt, Martial Arts

“I went from being good high school runner to making a top ranked collegiate team my freshman year, because of my work with Dr. Rohrer.”
— Curtis C., Collegiate Team Member

“In my first Brainspotting session with Dr. Rohrer, I neutralized the fears that ended my state championship baseball career. If only I could have processed those issues back then!”
— Jason Z., Athlete

“I Brainspotted a lifelong issue and in only one session, subtle adjustments were activated within a few days. I recommend Brainspotting with Dr. Rohrer.”
— Jack V., Musician and Painter